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David Azarewicz

Short biography

David is a hardware designer and software developer. He has been a user of and advocate for OS/2 since the beginning. He uses OS/2 and eComStation computers for all of his development work, in his business, and for his personal use. David is one of the principals in Arca Noae and currently works on various projects such as ACPI, MultiMac, USB, Uniaud, JFS, and various other drivers.


  • Device drivers: recent progress and future plans
  • Writing device drivers, the easy way

Roderick Klein

Short biography

Roderick Klein has worked at Mensys B.V. on OS/2 from 2001 until 2014. He started using OS/2 when the Warp 3 beta from IBM came out. Working on further improving the IT infrastructure of Mensys and providing support internally and to customers, he also works on eComStation development, support, research and new projects. He is president and liason officer of VOICE, and member of the Dutch HCC OS/2 gg and its helpdesk. He is now President of the Dutch OS/2 VOICE foundation.


  • The history and future of the OS/2 VOICE foundation

Steve Levine

Short biography

Steven H. Levine has been active in the computing industry for almost forty years.

He has held a variety of positions emphasizing custom product development and support in both engineering and commercial environments.  Currently, he is President and Chief Technical Officer of Steven Levine and Associates, Inc.

Steven became aware of OS/2 back in the 1.2 days when he worked with some of the early OS/2 based industrial automation system and has continued to use it regularly since then.

Steven is active in a variety of eComStation and OS/2 projects including eCS 2.0 product development.  He a member of the fm/2 file manager development team and supports the ports of a number of applications including rsync and mtools.

Steven will not attend the conference in person; his presentation will be given over the internet.


  • OS/2 troubleshooting

Keith Merrington

Short biography

Keith Merrington has been in computing since punched cards were used as input, and computers were made from discrete components. He has worked for various computer companies such as ICL English Electric, Philips Office Computer Systems, and Philips Microprocessors both in the commercial and technical side. He built his first computer soldering the chips in by hand, back in the 80's based on a based on a Signetics 2650 8 bit microprocessor with a massive 1K of memory and with two 8 inch floppy drives.

I still build (assemble) my own PCs today and have been using OS/2 since Warp 3. Although over the years I have programmed in COBOL, machine code, and various assembler dialects, I now use C exclusively. One of my hobbies is writing PM programs for OS/2 and eComstation. I have written SigmaMD5, Searchplus, EasySync and a couple of utilities.


  • Almost everything you wanted to know about Extended Attributes
  • EasySync, an update

Lewis Rosenthal

Short biography

Lewis has been active professionally in the IT field since 1987. His
experience with OS/2 dates back to version 2.0, which became the first OS/2
version deployed in his accounting & systems integration firm of Rosenthal &
Rosenthal, LLC.

One of Rosenthal & Rosenthal's subsidiary companies, Hautspot, LLC, designs,
deploys, and manages wireless hotspots and hotzones. Hautspot has been
active in the managed Wi-Fi arena since 2004. Rosenthal & Rosenthal also
hosts several OS/2-related mailing lists, including: OS/2 Wireless Users,
OS/2 NetWare Users, Virtualized eCS Users, eCS ISP, and eCS T6x.

Lewis holds multiple professional certifications from Novell and CWNP, and
serves as Treasurer on the Board of Warpstock Corporation. As Managing
Member of Arca Noae, LLC, Lewis directs the premier OS/2-focused development and marketing company in the United States.


  • Arca Noae, the story so far
  • YUMIE: the YUM interface for end-users

Gregg Young

Short biography

Gregg is currently the chief of podiatry at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also just happens to have been an OS/2 user since 2.1. He assists with the development of FM/2, lSwitcher and eFTE. He also assited in the early work updating the USB stack and has contributed fixes to several other projects


  • When programs collide: finding and fixing code in open source software which breaks other software
  • Development update on FM/2, eFTE, lSwitchter and more.